Season Open | mid-May through September

About Us

Mike Webber was raised on fishing boats. Fishing is in his blood; his family has fished for generations. By the time Mike was seven years old, he was running the seine skiff for his father's commercial fishing operation. By fourteen years of age, he was the captain of his own commercial fishing vessel. Mike understands salmon and the sea in a way that is unfathomable to most people. He knows how to read the water in ways that can only be honed by decades of observation, some of which took place before the days most captains relied on sophisticated instrumentation. He has the most discerning palate of any salmon lover you'll ever know, and he commits to providing exceptional quality salmon to his buyers in ways that require sacrifice, dogged determination, incredible skills, superb execution, and a sense of adventure.
Mike's wife Katrina grew up inspired by the sea. After living on islands, conducting oceanography research on ships around the world, teaching marine biology for nearly a decade, and advancing sustainable coastal management policies on the West Coast of the United States, she finally found her home in Alaska where she is fulfilled by the transformative change she has experienced through parenting and partnership with Mike. Buoyed by love from his four grown children and their young son, and inspired and sustained by the incredible ecosystems that surround them, Mike and Katrina created Webber Wild Seafood to offer you wild Copper River salmon that is unparalleled in quality.
In 2020, Mike's daughter Misa joined the operation as Webber Wild Seafood's deckhand. Raised on fishing vessels since she was an infant, she proudly finished a degree in Microbiology at the University of Hawaii just in time to help kick off another great fishing season.