Season Open | mid-May through September


We use the most inovative techniques in the fleet to ensure that you are getting the best product possible. 

Pressure Bleeding

We are one of only two vessels in the ~540 vessel Copper River salmon fishing fleet that pressure bleeds our fish. Why? We invested in high tech systems when we rebuilt our vessel because we are committed to delivering the highest quality wild Alaskan salmon to market. Pressure bleeding fish evacuates blood from the tissue. The result? The best tasting salmon you'll ever encounter, anywhere.

High Grading

We hand select every fish that we will process for our customers. This is what we call "high grading". It means that we inspect each fish before processing to ensure that what we ship are the most robust, beautiful, ocean-bright fish that come out of the ocean.

Flake Ice

As soon as the wild salmon are pressure bled, we layer them in flake ice in an insulated tote. This drops the core temperature rapidly and keeps your fish quality as high as possible.