Season Open | mid-May through September

We work with chefs, gourmet grocers, distributors, and discerning home cooks like you to get the best Copper River Salmon in the world onto your plate. 

We think it's important to know your fisherman. For that reason, we ask our buyers to contact us directly so we can customize each sale. You actually get to connect directly with your fishermen when you buy from us. I know, crazy, right? Even though we're innovators in our fleet, we like to do some things the old fashioned way, and having contact with our customers is one of them. This helps us ensure that we're using the best shipping method and timing to get our fish to you in perfect condition.
For market pricing and to place an order for the wild, premium Alaskan Copper River Salmon we harvest and sell directly to you, please contact us.

        -Both fresh and frozen King (Chinook), Red (Sockeye), and Silver (Coho) Salmon may be available depending on time of year.
        -Smoked Copper River sockeye salmon. Approximately 6.5 oz in each resealable pouch.
        -Copper River Sockeye belly fins and collars
        -Copper River Sockeye backbones.  


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    Give us a call: 907-424-7477

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    We might even answer the phone while we're out on the boat. You never know!